Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mighty Samson # 2

The second issue of The Mighty Samson hits the stands (well, more likely your local comic shop) tomorrow!! Here are a few preview pages from the issue.


  1. Great Looking Pages, Pat!! Can't wait to grab the book tomorrow.

  2. Patrick,
    Very strong and dynamic; just what we all like in an action story like this! Hope you get a good inker - I think you need someone who will amplify what you have done not diminish it. Embellisher is the old term for inkers - but is still appropriate and a shame it is discouraged today. :-(
    Years ago I heard a rumor you were from or lived in Kentucky - any truth to this?
    Kind regards,
    CCG Coordinator

  3. I loved the first issue, can't wait to pick this installment up today! The storytelling is solid!

  4. Thanks guys! I was pretty happy with the second issue, Dan Jackson's doin' a great job with the colors.

    J, Nope no truth to the Kentucky rumor,that's a new one. I've worked with Martin Powell who's from there, maybe that's the overlap?