Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mighty Samson!

The first issue of my new book, The Mighty Samson, hits the stands this week! Written by the Mighty Jim Shooter and the Mighty J.C. Vaughn, colored by the Mighty Dan Jackson and published by the Mighty Dark Horse Comics, it's been a fun project to be involved with. I've been enjoying the character, post-apocalyptic setting, and getting the chance to ink it myself. Here are a few pages and the variant cover I did for the first issue.


  1. Patrick,
    Love the loose, graphic almost Bob Peak-ish feel to the artwork. Lots of frenetic movement to the line work in the "battle royal" scenes.
    Awesomeness, dude!

  2. Thanks! I love Bob Peak's work! to be honest any Peak influences you might see are due to the fact that I was influenced by Bill Sienkiewicz early on, and you can really see the Peak in his stuff! Love it! Thanks again!

  3. Nice work as always, Patrick!! Glad to see you on a new book. Can't wait to pick it up. And some of them pages when they reach Scott at Catskill!!

    Keep Posting!

  4. Thanks Brian! Here's hopin' we get a nice run with Samson!

  5. I'm getting like a simonson meets Jorge zaffino vibe, both of which I love. these are great, I'd love to pick your brain a bit about your process if you have the time.