Monday, June 14, 2010

Al Williamson RIP

Heard the very sad news this morning that Al Williamson passed away yesterday. A true legend in the industry, an enormous talent and it was my great pleasure to have worked with him for 7 years. He started inking my work on Untold Tales of Spider-Man and we ended our collaboration at the end of our run on Spider-Girl. I'll leave it to others more eloquent than I to talk about his artistic legacy, my memories at the moment are more personal, one memory in particular. At some point during that run on Spider-Girl my wife and I were having some financial difficulty, I was really counting on selling some original art at the Pittsburgh Comic Con that year to help pay bills. Al was also a guest at the show so I wasn't surprised to see him approaching my table on the first morning of the convention, I was shocked however when he handed me a stack of Spider-Girl original art that went to him as the inker on the book. I tried to give it back, telling him I appreciated it but I couldn't accept it, he refused to take it back. I made a nice chunk of change at that show due in large part to Al's generosity. It helped me out at a tough time, I'll never forget it. I've posted a couple pieces he and I did together as my small tribute.


  1. That's a wonderful story that you've never related before, Pat. Just another testament to what a great guy Al really was.

  2. Yep, when I look back at my career getting the chance to work with him will be a high point to be sure!

  3. A very simple yet meaningful tribute to the great artist, and man, Al Williamson. I always felt you and he made a perfect penciler / inker team.